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What If? You Are and Life Is Miraculous!
ABC, Affirmation, Art Coloring Book

What If? You Are and Life Is Miraculous! is filled with enchanting Audrye OmArt: Art That Opens the Heart © plus inviting, humorous, unexpected words, an ABC, Affirmation, and Art Coloring Book for children, adolescents, teens and adult.

This book also builds vocabulary, self-worth, curiosity, and exploration.

Coloring is the New Meditation!

A must for home, school, after-school. On 100% post-consumer recycled paper, this is Audrye’s first printed book.

$24.97 + Tax ($1.50 in Florida) + $3.97 shipping/handling.

Group rates can be arranged for order of over 100 books, paid in full upfront.


Babies come with a manual

The Mother’s Manual

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Mother's Manual15 Minute Reading – now ONLY $35 for a limited time!Mother's Manual

Mother's ManualNew Audio Series now available on MP3 download or CDMother's Manual

Audrye interviewed on “Healing What’s Eating You” Show

If you’re a mom or mom-to-be who’s looking for spiritual and practical

guidance to motherhood and child rearing, then keep reading….

The Mother's Manual - Spiritual Mother and Child Rearing Advice

Mother's ManualBabies come with a manual

Finally, a Book that Answers Your Questions About Motherhood and Child Rearing with Practical and Spiritual Wisdom, Showing You

How to BE A GREAT MOM in New Ways!

Feed Your Spirit!  Enjoy More Joy
than You Can Imagine!!

Mother's Manual

This healing transformational 700-page book evolves and transforms YOU as a person and mother.  Renew your spirit as you live the incredibly great and sometimes challenging path of being a wonderful mother.  Visionary brilliant art with each chapter lifts your energy and opens your heart as you gaze at the art’s colors and patterns.  Now an ebook an ebook for you plus the FREE Special:

The Mothers Manual Sampler
Are you already a mother or thinking about becoming one? Are you scared? Feeling overwhelmed? 

Along with your joy and excitement, you may have questions, concerns, doubts, fears.   Do you sometimes feel nervous, anxious, upset, overwhelmed, angry?  You may be wondering if you are ready to be a mom.  Did you become pregnant intentionally?  Are you a mom with a teenager?  Do you sometimes just want to scream?  Are you married? Divorced?  Single?  Widowed?  Did you like how your mom was — and is — with you?  What are your finances?  How are you with money?  How do you deal with money and your child?  Are you concerned about the future?  How do you handle the unexpected?  How do you deal with life?  How are you getting along with your child?

The questions and situations can go on and on and on.

Every woman’s journey and experience is unique.  Wherever you are now, you can make your mothering and life wondrous and special.  You can be a wondrous blessing to yourself and your family.

When you read this astounding book, you evolve – if you choose to.  As you open and allow the book’s wisdom into you and do the processes, you skyrocket your transformation, creating a fabulous experience with yourself, your child and your family.

Mother's Manual


The Mother's Manual

Mother's Manual Feeling great about parenting, even if you may have felt like screaming and shrieking
Mother's Manual Wisdom and timeless guidance for living a fulfilling family experience
Mother's Manual Healthy ways to prepare for conceiving a baby
Mother's Manual Holistic, practical and spiritual practices to care for

Heart Centerd Advice Your baby   Heart Centerd Advice Your child to adult   Heart Centerd Advice Yourself

Mother's Manual Creative exercises to live peaceful conflict resolution in all areas of your life

Mother's Manual Ways to create a sacred home filled with joy

Mother's Manual Exercises to experience the passion of deep spirituality

Mother's Manual Suggestions to understand and boost sexuality and sensuality

Mother's Manual Paths to naturally enhance and embrace your talents for abundant energy and prosperity

Mother's Manual 24 Gorgeous enchanting Audrye OmArt ™ and Audrye Soul Art: Art That Opens the Heart ™ pages the entire family will love

Mother's Manual Spectacular vegan raw “living food” recipes or rawcipes that fulfill your desires, taste buds, and nutritional needs

Mother's Manual Humor


Continued Thanks for Ordering

The Mothers Manual

and Enhancing Your Life!!!

Get the complete 750-page digital book

For yourself, family, friends, associates, anyone you love. 

This is your time to gift everyone!

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Mother's Manual

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