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Happy New Year!!! Creating Peace in 2014!!!!

Practically everyone says it. We read it constantly. I have broadcast umpty-mucho TV and radio shows, blogs, workshops and talks on it. What is this so-popular theme? PEACE!!!!

Yes, peace starts within. As within, so without. As above, so below. We are all interrelated.

The amazing world-class healer Paulette Peloquin, who guested on MIRACLE MANIFESTING MONDAYS Dec 30th( at 8 pm EST, recommends clearing Chakras 1, 2 and 5 as starters, so we create harmony and balance within. Yes, this is brilliant!

Folks, meditate. I had a client who insisted she was just too busy to meditate, that I was unable to understand the complications in her life. Here’s the deal. However busy you/I/we may be, take the essential 10 to 30 minutes to start the day praising Creation, Source, and, yes, yourself! Give gratitude, including for being alive! Breathe! Use any of the Breathing Attunements in the first five minutes of MIRACLE MANIFESTING MONDAYS (

There is such a think as personal integrity, another of Paulette’s phraseologies. Without it, a person can justify, make excuses for and hide from their own authenticity. Too many people are blaming external situations for their/our own behavior. This is quite different from creating peace.

I always recommend starting with LOVING YOURSELF, whoever you may be, whatever your life has been or is, wherever you may be. Yes, loving oneself can be a journey. Certainly, it was for me. All the “junque” that covers our innate inner Shining Light, endemic to each and every one of us, what my Guides sometimes call Ego Games, simply has to be loosened and released.

Use any of the techniques of another MIRACLE MANIFESTING MONDAYS guest, Dr. Yvonne Oswald, in her book Every Word Has Power.

Whether or not you are a mom, order and read The Mother’s Manual, This book GUARANTEES that you will evolve.
With all the available distractions and busy-ness (very different from necessary business), we all have to pick and choose our actions and behavior. We all have to up-level our vibration and frequency rate. We are all capable of it. Quantum mechanics proves this.

With all my heart, all my being, I bless you, each and every one of us.
We choose peace? We create it within!!!! Laugh. When you need to, cry. Get it out. Allow every emotion its proper expression, learn the lesson it was representing, release whatever requires it, and blossom into love, peace, creativity, passion, energy, success, blessings, positive relationships, prosperity, wellness, health and more.

Have a blessed new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dance, dance, dance!!!!!


Mama Heart
Audrye (being updated)

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3 Secrets to Maximizing Opportunities & Stepping Out of Our Own Way

“Laughing Hearts,” Audrye OmArt: Art That Opens the Heart, reminds us that we are laughing hearts on this Earth.

Moms and everyone, how many times have you/I/we said we want something, made the preparations, gotten ourselves there, done the internal and external work, then, when we’re there, what do we do?  Do we maximize every opportunity?  Do we allow ourselves to receive our good?  Do we sabotage ourselves?  Do we do less or allow less than whatever is possible?

To my absolute “horror,” despite how much work I have done and do on myself, still there can be occasions when I omit doing the obvious that could make such a difference for both other people and myself.  At this point, however, I take stock, do an internal interview, to seek the cause of this behavior.  There was a time I would pummel myself.

What about you?  Do you check yourself out when you realixe that you either made a mistake, omitted doing something that needed doing, did something haphazardly that required more attention, or in any other way behaved in any manner that had you feeling that you had been less than you are?

Pretty much most of us have.

Here are THREE SUPER SECRET TIPS to Maximize Opportunities and Step Out of Our Own Way, and Bring In Our Good!

1. LOVE YOURSELF.  Yes, even in the face of something you could have done better.  Even if you are feeling embarrassed.  Even if….    Stop blaming yourself!  Learn what sabotaging internal dialog (ID – remember? The Internal Tyrant!) had been chattering along either boisterously or whisperingly.    Hear this “junque” so we can behave better than any sabotaging behavior the ID may be pushing.  Are you noticing any old family patterns, or genetic karmic patterning?  Perhaps regarding relationships, arguing, money, forgetfulness, overtalking, invalidating, addictions?  Congratulate yourself; you have discovered treasure.  Now to enhance yourself and everyone else with it.

2.  TAKE CORRECTIVE ACTION.  This can be seeing the old pattern, shifting it, and forgiving yourself/ourselves.  Make that phone call.  Tell the truth in an honoring way to yourself and everyone else.  Take an action that will get you beneficial results.  Just about everything can be transformed.  It starts within.  Corrective action is, first and foremost, working on yourself.  I am doing second chakra work on myself to shift some ancient patterns that I came in with and that were inadvertently enhanced by my background.  Refuse to blame anyone else for your own stuff.  Be responsible, loving yourself all the while, clean/clear yourself, and take appropriate loving, effective, efficient action.

3.  SAY THANK YOU! Be grateful for this soul initiation.  You are growing! This is great!  Refrain from allowing a glitch on the journey to get or keep you down.  You are a Being of Light!  You are a Soul!  You are made of Creator Stuff!  Say thank you to yourself, others, God/dess for your new awareness and actions.  Pause, if need be.  Regroup.  Realign internally, and take gentle, powerful, authentic steps in both the inner and outer world.  We are all learning.  Yes, absolutely, pulsate with gratitude.

Moms, everyone, we are going to sometimes find ourselves in a thicket, sometimes of our own making, sometimes as part of a larger situation.  Learn!!!! Honor and love yourself and others!  Be truthful, with integrity and impeccability.  Take appropriate action!  Be grateful for this opportunity to evolve.  Enlightened beings know that in the third dimension, we are on a journey.

Many blessings to you, and may your journey be fabulous!!!

For excellent support, to release “junque,” and to be personally free, check out


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LIKE MOTHER, LIKE DAUGHTER – Really? Want Love & Peace?

“I will NEVER do this to my children!!!” Did you ever say that to you while you were growing up,?  Were you convinced that you would totally refrain from doing any of the awful stuff foisted upon you by your mom?  Even if you absolutely loved and love your mother — as pretty much all of us do — what about those times when your mom’s issues got the better of her, and she used the “look,” or smacked you, or belittled you, or had that razor voice, or beat you, or locked you in a closet, or whatever it was for you?

Have you ever discovered yourself doing almost exactly to your child or children what you swore you would never repeat from your mom’s repertoire?  OMG, what about her words or attitudes popping out of your mouth, and you wonder, ‘Where did THAT come from?”

The good, the bad and the shocking truth of the effect out moms have on our lives is that unless we really work on, in and with ourselves, despite how brilliant, how aware, how loving we are, whether we prefer to or not, we almost always WILL repeat some of the patterns we experienced with our moms.  This can be fabulous, and it can be atrocious.

What to do about this?  We all know that our words, our belief systems, our internal dialog (ID) effect our lives, and can bring to fruition our deepest dreams and our most nasty nightmares.  So, we work on our thoughts, saying, “delete, delete, delete” to the disparaging internal thoughts we may have.

I have been working on myself since I’m a young girl.  Yes, I was born with a higher consciousness from the start.  This is part of being a mystic intuitive.  Nonetheless, to my utter horror, I repeated some of the worst things I experienced with my mom.  Did I apologize?  You bet!!!!  Have I done internal work, energy work, spiritual work, mental work, emotional work?  For sure.   I am ever honing that ID (internal dialog) so I can live as the best possibility of my authentuc self.  My daughter and I have a very real relationship, love each other tremendously, and both work on it, too.

So many women — and men — have come to me, wondering why they can devolve into feeling like a little unworthy kid when speaking with their respective moms.  “Why can’t I be the accomplished talented adult I am when I’m with her, or someone who reminds me of her?  “What can I do about this, so we both are living in the here and now?” (rather than the there and then)

To have peace in the world, we start with ourselves.  We are the one.  Each and ever one of us.  We start in Spirit, the in-between, then the womb.  To clear ourselves, make peace with the ID and our own energetic “implants” takes work.  It’s more than affirmations, as important affirmations are.

If we refrain from doing this, what do we have?  We have what we have now.  Who wants to continue with the world’s people behaving in the tumultuous self-sabatoging ways that can come to any and all of us?  Yes, some of us more than other, definitely.

To answer this call, I created my LIKE MOTHER, LIKE DAUGHTER – Really? teleseminar on Tuesday, Sept 24th, 7-8 pm EDT  $11  for the live experiential event.  Registrataion permits you to listen to the Teleseminar at any time afterward if you are unable to attend Tuesday evening.  There are ongoing opportunities also.

I am impulsed — even when I want to just hide — to do this.  Source has called on me, since I was a little girl, to be and do what I am here to do to create transformation, peace, consciousness upliftment, women’s empowerment-enlightenment-rights-responsibilities.

I invite you to check this out.

We are all in this together.  What kind of world would we be living in if we were all at peace inside with our mothers?  If we can stay centered and present in the NOW when we’re with her?  Even if she is in Spirit, how would we love to be free?

We can take our steps to create this world.  It’s up to us, and this is one of the ways.

Have an absolutely blessed day!!!!!!!




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Are Male (Human) Contraceptives on the Horizon?

     What a boon to everyone to have this so-very-important aspect of human sexuality and intimacy be truly shared by both women and men!  Especially when a man and a woman are in a close trusting relationship, how easy to have the man take the contraceptive rather than the woman, especially if there are no side effects!
     According to the research mentioned in this article, and, yes, mice are noticeably reticent about verbally sharing their thoughts, this drug prevents sperm production yet allows full male libido and performance!  How fabulous!
      Please let me know your thoughts and feelings about this.  Comment here or on my FB page: or
      The more buzz we create, likely the more research gets done!  What’s your take on this?
       Thank you and many blessings to you!!!
Mama Heart
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