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Healing 3 Types of “Monster” Moms or “Poisonous” Parents

What can a mom or dad do to earn being called a “monster” or “poisonous”?


Let’s look at Seven Types of “Monster” Moms or “Poisonous” Parents


1.  The Bully Mom or Dad

This is the parent, who, even with the best of intentions, forces her or his child to do what s/he wants exactly in that moment.  “Eat your food now!!!! Everyone is waiting for you to finish!!! You are holding up everyone being ready to leave for the movies!!!”  Any of this said with a threatening tone to a child in a high chair or to a toddler, even if Mom or Dad is on her or his seeming last nerve, can absolutely be termed a bully parent.


Will the child comply?


At some point, yes, so the parent can justify her or his behavior, with the proverbial, “See?  It worked!  Now my daughter (or son) is behaving nicely.  I was right to do what I did.”


A better approach is to find out why the child is resisting or refusing to do what is requested.  Also, for Mom or Dad to examine their request, determining if the request is required to be completed at that very second, if there’s another way to speak to the child, if there’s something going on within the child that needs to be addressed.  None of us operate solely on the surface.  Babies, toddlers, children operate on many levels, including when they are preverbal.


2.   The “Ridiculing” Mom or Dad


“You are being ridiculous wearing that outfit.  You look like an idiot!” says a seemingly well-meaning parent, in her or his zeal to have their offspring look good, in their eyes, and what the parent takes to the eyes of their friends, workers, neighbors, society.


“Everyone is able to run at this age.  Why are you so slow?  Are you just stupid?” jeers another parent to her/his child, in the parent’s effort to get his/her child up to speed, in the parent’s world overview.

This type of behavior absolutely undermines the child’s sense of self, as well as invalidates the child’s progress.  Yes, we can all feel impatient with ourselves, our children, society, anything.  This is less than no justification to mock or ridicule a child.  This can also be seen as an aspect of the bullying parent.


If you find yourself doing any of this — and the best of parent can slip sometimes — immediately rectify it.  Apologize to your child for your words, attitude and behavior.  Let your child know you love him/her, and that you, too, are constantly learning.  Then find a more enlightened way to express what needs to be done.  If you need help, read or attend the Enlightened Mom Teleseminar series and Enlightened Mom Coaching Program.

3.  The “Impossible-to-Please” Mom or Dad

I will take this right out of my own life.  When I was a child, I earned report-card grades in the 90s in all my subjects.  My mom would see this, and, though she said, “Good work,” she then added, “Why don’t you get higher?  Is this the best you can do?”  This was said in less than an approving, loving voice.


This may have stimulated another kind of child, encouraging her or him to work harder.  For me, however, I felt that my mom would never be satisfied with what I did.   I needed some acknowledgment and validation.  What happened was that as I got older, I felt my mom had no concept of what I did, what it tood for me to do any of what I did, and that she had no sense of how to actually encourage.


Of course, this stemmed from her upbringing where she was belittled and made to feel less-than from her mom.  She never “worked on” this, and continued this behavior with her children, thinking that she was doing a great job.


So you know, before my mom left the Earth, she and I had more than made up, forgiven ourselves and one another for our sometimes clashing behavior.  I love her and treasure her.  That little Scorpio Dragon was a great “adversary” who taught me how to deal with challenging people.


Any of us can fall into these three categories.  Any of us can still be feeling the effects of these and other categories of “Monster” Mom or “Poisonous Parent.”   If you would like more tips on how to heal from what you experienced from your Mom, and to avoid perpetuating this pattern, contact me at 1 888.757.3223 or 1 888.75 PEACE.  Also,


To have peace on the planet, we start at home, within ourselves and our families.


Many Bessings & Love,





“Rape Is Rape” Plus Five Tips to Heal From Rape

    First, all rape is reprehensible.  No rape is welcomed or wanted; this is why it’s called rape.  Whether a person is beaten up, under duress with knife, gun or fists, being forced to have any kind of seeming sex act is rape.  And, yes, surprise, a woman CAN get pregnant from this heinous act.

     Despite what Rep Todd Aiken (R-MO) and his followers might say, a woman’s body does not vet a sperm to see if the woman desired that sperm or chose to reject it.  If that were the case, there would be no pregnancies from rape.  As we know, instead, there are many. 

       Pleases be aware that many politicians are lying through their teeth and doing whatever else they feel they have to in order to obfuscate their true intentions and the issues in order to con people — you!!! — into voting for them.  There is a kind of dis-ease of the mind in some people of the Republican Party, yes, including the Tea Baggers, in their so self-righteous approach to life.  It also seems to me that irrespective of religion, all uber-Conservative religionists feel they are always right, and everyone else is clearly wrong, and that the world has to follow their narrow definition of anything.  To refrain from doing so, to them, warrants severe punishment and penalties, both from our beloved Creator and, of course, them. 

     Watch out for this!!!!  These are young souls!  Enlightened souls and beings behave very differently, giving people love and the possibility of evolution.

     Moms, women, girls, awful as it is, we have to acknowledge that there are too many people with political and social agendas calculated to bring women back over 100 years.  A quick word on abortion before I give Five Tips to Heal From Rape.   Before abortion was legalized in the U.S., women still aborted.  Rather than doing it safely, women went into the proverbial back alley and/or stuck hangers into their vaginas.  Is there any sane person who wants this for themselves, her sisters, friends, relatives, any woman?  Clearly, no.  This would be tantamount to the illegal acid-throwing that had been rampant in Pakistan.


1.  Acknowlege that you were raped.  Acknowledge this to yourself, your beloveds, your friends, your spiritual counselor, your therapist.

2.  Get support, counseling and help.  See an energy healer, talk and scream it out.  Pray and ask for spiritual support.  Do The Recapitulation, Tapping, other self-healing techniques.  (See and
 Join a support group and get professional help.

3.  Love Yourself Thoroughly.  After a woman (or man or child) has been raped, often that person wants to hide.  Yes, take a relative moment for yourself, and reach out.  Be sure throughout all this, love yourself completely.  Feelings of being dirty, unclean, violated, less-than, foolish, blame, shame, guilt, and other less-than-loving emotions are likely to cascade through the surviver-thriver.  Experience them for a moment, so you know what it is, then instantly release them.  Let them go to Light.  Whoosh!!!!!!!!  Fill yourself from Crown to Root with Golden White Sparkling Energy and let this bless and clean you thoroughtly. 

4.  Talk About Your Experience.  Share what happened.  Get it out of your system.  Write about it.  Empty yourself of it.  In writing about it, much wisdom will come to you.  Help others who were in similar situations.  If you choose, become an activist.  Take internal and external actions.  Activate your Survival-Thrival Gene.  Know how strong you are.  Yes, take actions to apprehending the perpetrator.  Be pro-active in your ongoing journey to deeper wholeness, which can be construed as holiness.

5.  Give Thanks for Your Wellness.  An attitude of gratitude that you survived, thrived, and are here to continue your life is extremely helpful.  At whatever step in this journey you find yourself, give thanks that you are here.  You live!!! Send love and gratitude to the Creator, to all parts of your body, including your physical self, as well as your emotional, mental and spiritual selves.  Appreciate a blade of grass, the rising sun, the crescent moon, everything.  Ask your inner being what you learned from this experience.  Release fear, and anything less than internal love, as you strengthen yourself in a balanced centered manner.  You will discover that you have learned much about yourself and the world.  Put this to good use.

      Ladies, yes, I was raped many years ago with a knife to my throat, and I have also in the past sometimes been in a sexual situation that I preferred to be out of.  Thankfully, I learned from all of it. 

      Rape is rape!!!!!!!!!!!  No one should have to endure it.  We have to have abortion, whether anyone personally likes it or not.  As half of American pregnancies are unintended, many of them aborted, clearly we have much work to do to have all of us maintain our rights and be responsible with our actions.

     Refrain from ever allowing to take any of this away from you. 

     Love Yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mama Heart

       MONDAYS, 8 pm EDT
1 888 757 3223     888 75 PEACE
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