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Moms, Grandmothers, Children, Sensitivity & the TSA

    What has happened to sensitivity, common sense, decency in the way adults treat little kids, whether those adults are agents of the TSA or others?  How is it that some TSA agents can ignore the normal upset of a 4-year-young girl when she goes to hug her grandmother, and, instead, the TSA agents call this child a “suspect,” grab her, which has her yelling more, as the girl is frightened that she is about to be kidnapped?  Then, to make matters worse, the TSA defends the behavior of these very foolish agents — @  
      As stated in the article, either the agents could have used a wand, put the girl through the scan again, or other techniques rather than look to isolate her in a room by herself (with strangers, something this child was taught to be wary of) or do a “modified” patdown, as the child had hugged her grandmother after the child had been scanned yet before the grandmother had been scanned.  Yes, we have to do something to “guard against terrorists,” and, yes, terrorists can show up in any guise, age, background, racial grouping, manner of dress, and the like.  Yet and all, why do some adults throw any modicum of sense they may possess out the window and behave like petty dictators when faced with a circumstance of power-over someone?  Perhaps the TSA has to both hire people with more intelligence and the ability to think quickly in situations, as well as better train the agents they have.  Certainly, there has to be a shift.
      How do we have some measure of security while flying yet also protect people’s individual rights and dignity?
      How do we each individually and we collectively as a nation live with integrity?  Do you live with integrity?  Does your partner?  Your child or your children?  Do you know what integrity is?  Integrity is being real, authentic, honest, present and complete in the moment, doing what you say you’ll do, and being accountable and responsible for your word, behavior, actions, emotions.  When you “mess up,” take responsibility and do it better the next time.
      Where are you with this?  This country?  Politicians?  The TSA?
      Share with me………..  Let’s all grow and evolve here.
      Many blessings to you, me and all of us ongoingly!!!
Mama Heart
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Moms & Separating Church and State

   Who Speaks forGod/dess? Separation of Church and State Plus Individual Freedom

     When I read about an esteemed teacher, Emily Herx, being fired from her post from an Indiana Cartholic school and being called a “grave immoral sinner” because she in vitro fertilization or IVF in order to get pregnant — @ – I felt shocked. True, in this day and age, with so many “religious” people presuming to speak for the Creator of All, as though this person actually knows the MIND of I AM THAT I AM, perhaps I could have been more accepting of this piece of news.  No, I was shocked and dismayed.
     Had the Ms. Herx been a religious teacher at the school, expounding doctrine to the students, maybe, then, yes.  Had she even have been Catholic, and told she must teach the staunch tenets of this religion to the students, perhaps, maybe, yes.  However, she was neither Catholic, nor a teacher of religion, nor apprised by the school of the doctrine or tenets that were to be followed, and, yes, she was honest, authentic and forthright with the people at the school, and she is denounced by the school, maligned, and fired!!!!  The school officials, truly, are the people who are acting in an immoral manner.
     Ms. Herx is to be applauded.  Good for her to take the steps she needed to in order to become a mom.  I wonder how many of the school officials are truly loving, kind, open-hearted people exemplifying what any spiritual person knows is the core of just about any and all spiritual and religious paths.  This can be best explained as:
      Love the Creator with all your heart, all your soul and all your might (by whatever name you call the ALL IN ALL from which we all come and are part)
     Love your neighbor as yourself. (This, of course, presumes that a person loves her or him self, which, sadly, is too often lacking in this world, and is a journey in and of itself).
     What are your thoughts here?
    Where is the separation of church/religion and state?
    Should Catholic schools hire only religious Catholics, grill them in the absolute tenets of Catholic doctrine, and watch over the teachers to be sure these teachers are both teaching, speaking and living every single tenet?
     What is moral and what is judgment?
    How do you know when you are being led by Divine Guidance and when by egoistic wants?
      You can reach me here at this blog that will be incorporated in the soon-to-be-released WordPress site,
       May you be blessed.  May your family be blessed.  May we all be blessed.  May we all grow in consciousness, awareness, connection to the Infinite, and within ourselves.
       Many Blessings!!!!!!!!!!
Mama Heart
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Also, WeTheWorld, eWomanPower, more

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