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Acknowledgement! Gratitude! Celebration!

     When did you most recently truly acknowledge yourself?  When did you feel gratitude for being alive and sentient?  When did you celebrate your Sself (Soul Self/Personality Self) and others?


When anyone refrains from acknowledging herself and others, giving appreciation and gratitude for both the seemingly small stuff as well as the mega big-deal things, plus forgetting to celebrate being alive and sharing this with other, one diminishes her life and her soul.


This is brought home to me regularly, especially when birthdays roll around, whether mine or someone else’s.


We all benefit from saying THANK YOU!!!! constantly, even when our internal dialog may be trumpeting another tune.  At these times, remind the internal dialog – the ID – to be quiet.  Delete it.  Surround it with love.  Say THANK YOU to the ID for sharing, then move on.


With THANKING ourselves, the Universe, the ALL IN ALL, for our lives, our experiences, our initiations, our blessings, we open ourselves to the wonders of multidimensional experience.  Refraining from GIVING THANKS, may be inadvertently thwarting and narrowing our energy bodies, pushing away the very essence of life we may be craving.  Having a vibration of love, gratitude, appreciation, openness to miracles, actually shifts our cellular structure, clears karma, shifts DNA, clears our brains, alkalinizes us, and sets up a zone of possibility from which we and those around us benefit.


Yes, when going through a tragic time, dealing with the passing on of a beloved, a divorce, what-have-you, absolutely have and express your feelings.  Be completely real about what’s going on within you.  Feel.  Express.  Allow yourself to go through this thoroughly.  Also, find the GOLDEN LINING.  When my dad had passed away, it took me gazing into my mirrored eyes for quite a while, seeing a haggard woman looking back at me, until, with deep seeing and allowing, I finally saw some Light within those eyes, teary as they were.  I focused on that, as I went through a very deep mourning period.


Find the Light.  Acknowledge anything else.  Where we focus, there is where we go, whether it’s to the stars or flat on our face.  Love is stronger than any other feeling.  Love with enlightenment, the real thing, is beyond words, though we all have plenty of these with which to give an approximation of the actuality.


I ask you to acknowledge yourself and everyone else in your life, including the very experience of being alive now.  Feel with all your heart, soul, body, mind oodles of gratitude for who you are, your gifts, talents, lessons, and those people in and out of your life.  Celebrate yourself and everyone else.  This shifts both your personal vibration, your frequency rate.  This leads to ascension of energies from the third to the fourth and fifth dimensions.


As well, this practice literally shifts the paradigm of the planet.


Yes, it does!


With this, I wish a happy birthday of all my Cancerian sisters and brothers, as well as to all the other astrological signed sisters and brothers.  May you shine brightly!!!!  May love, prosperity, health, creativity, spiritual connection, beauty, passion, compassion, peace, excitement, delicious nutritious food, lovemaking, children, family, inner sourcing, and everything else your soul asks of you be yours, ours, everyone’s.


Yes, this is also my birthday month, and I am filled with the gratitude, blessings, happiness of my being.


Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!+


Many blessings to you and all of us.  Thank you very much.







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