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Honoring Dr. Maya Angelou

Blessings to Dr. Maya Angelou

Anyone who has achieved mastery and wholeness in her or his life is both an inspiration to us all as well as a shifter of the Earth paradigm, plus, an enhancer of the very vibration at which we all operate.  Such a person, such a Light, was the lateGREAT Dr.Maya Angelou.


Yes, we are all affected by anyone who surpasses conditioning, conditions, situations, rises above it all, and surrounds us with her or his essence, humor and love.


I first read I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings many years ago, and was transported by the eloquence of the language, the essence of the “story,” and the very person herself who wrote this, as yet a young woman.  What a wonder we had among us!  I was thrilled and in awe that such a person existed.


The week before Dr. Maya passed, I had taken Mom and Me and Mom out of the library, and was reading it.  When I heard that Dr. Maya had cancelled her appearance at an event honoring her, my heart pinged, and I knew she was seriously ailing.  It was totally unlike her to refrain from participating in anything positive that moved consciousness forward.  When I then learned a day or so later that she had passed on, all I could do was cry, mourn and bless her.


A glorious gorgeous grace-giving goddess Phenomenal Woman, Dr. Maya Angelou has passed on.  She was tall in stature, beauty, brilliance, bodaciousness, creativity, influence, plus plus plus.  I, who did not know her personally, miss her.


We are all made better because Dr. Maya lived.  Her wisdom impacted me.  Her sister-friend-daughter Ms. Oprah Winfrey, learned and spread the wisdom.  “When you know better, you do better.”  What a cogent way to say something we all benefit from embracing!  What a way to perceive ourselves and others, forgive ignorance as we progress, and live in grace, with ourselves and others!  Of course, this is different from suffering fools gladly.  We absolutely have dominion over who we choose to associate with.  I learned this very clearly in another intense way when I was in my 20s.


From her young years, such as becoming the first black and the youngest conductor on theSan Franciscotrolley, plus being female – because she liked the uniform! – to becoming a great mother to both her son and so many more to being a singer, dancer, actress, writer, poet, autobiographer, playwright, political activist, professor, linguist, teacher par excellence, and more, Dr. Maya is already missed, and will continue to be so.


My sense of her, however, would be that she would acknowledge our need to express our feelings, and then she would tell us to celebrate her life and our own, to get involved with our own greatness, and bring forth the good in ourselves and the world.


From this perspective, I urge you, me, all of us, to develop ourselves to the max.  Let go of any feelings of unworthiness.  Yes, she, as any of us, would go home to her amazing and unique mom, Lady Baxter, for sustenance.  We, too, must do that.  Go to the Creator, cry when necessary, release and transform your anger – use “The Protective Prayer” here at –  take forward-moving actions, and laugh and enjoy a full invigorating sharing life.  Refrain from wallowing.


You have magic in you.  We all do!  Honor Dr. Maya Angelou in your own way.  Be sure to awaken the glory and gorgeousness and god/dess-ness in you, too!!!!  Now is the time.   Live your authentic soul truth with love and blessings.


Many blessings to you and all of us.  Thank you very much.







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