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male contraceptives

Are Male (Human) Contraceptives on the Horizon?

     What a boon to everyone to have this so-very-important aspect of human sexuality and intimacy be truly shared by both women and men!  Especially when a man and a woman are in a close trusting relationship, how easy to have the man take the contraceptive rather than the woman, especially if there are no side effects!
     According to the research mentioned in this article, and, yes, mice are noticeably reticent about verbally sharing their thoughts, this drug prevents sperm production yet allows full male libido and performance!  How fabulous!
      Please let me know your thoughts and feelings about this.  Comment here or on my FB page: or
      The more buzz we create, likely the more research gets done!  What’s your take on this?
       Thank you and many blessings to you!!!
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