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A Mother’s Heart: “The Protective Prayer”

Life is a spiritual journey, yet sometimes we may feel like screaming and venting. How can we energetically protect ourselves and others if and when we howl? Answer: “The Protective Prayer” ©! — given to me by Source. This is used for self-processing while alone, without yelling at another person.

“The Protective Prayer”© protects the person doing transformational self-work and emotional expression, as well as anyone else named in the process. Use this when you may be feeling angry and choose to vent your emotions without causing harm anywhere to anyone, including yourself. As emotions are emotion in motion, energy moving, and intention can create manifestation, we have to be aware of what we say, our attitude and intention behind what we think, say and do. Yet, if a person has been unable to wrap love around his or her own anger as Thich Nat Hanh recommends so wisely, then we have to do something else that is honoring of ourselves, where we are, and everyone else in existence.

So, here is “The Protective Prayer” ©. You do this process alone. Say to the Universe/Source: “Protect myself and everyone else I may mention aloud or silently with Protective Loving Light and Energy Light and Love. Whatever I may say and feel, and to whomever I may direct these words and emotions, these words and emotions are to go into the Universe as Light and Love, and everyone is to be protected in Light and Love. I ask that whatever spaces may be made available in me from releasing and expressing whatever I express is to be filled with Divine Light and Love, and to whomever else would like this, let that person also be filled with Divine Light and Love. I do this for my highest good, the highest good of all concerned and the highest good of the Universe, with free will and free choice for all concerned. Thank you.”

Then say whatever it is you have to say with the full extent of your emotions.

When you are complete with your process, say again to Source / Universe: “Whatever it may have looked like, felt like or sounded like, I am to be filled with Light and Love, as are the people I named. Any spaces and places made open and available within me as a result of this process is to be filled with Light and Love. The Universe is to be filled with Light and Love. Any emotions, words, intentions and anything else that I may have expressed are to be lifted to their highest vibration, and Light and Love is to result. Anything that is truly mine in what I released and expressed is to be returned to me as Light and Love, and anything that belongs to anyone else or anywhere else is to be returned to them transmuted into Light and Love. I do and did all this for my highest good, the highest good of the people mentioned, the highest good of all, with free will and free choice for all concerned. Thank you!”

We are in human third-dimensional form, and we benefit from respecting wherever we are at any given moment. Practice this!!

Question: What was your experience when you did “The Protective Prayer” ©?

Feel free to email me at with your responses, questions and requests for whatever you would like to see in this Blog.

Very soon – we’re targeting next month — this and other processes will be available to you in both The Mother’s Manual Sampler © and The Mother’s Manual, A Spiritual and Practical Guide to Child Rearing and Motherhood ©, both of which will be available to you as ebooks at .

Much Love,

Mama Heart
Audrye is a spiritual therapist, transformational catalyst, mom, grammie, artist, TV personality and author who has held seminars and classes in person, notably in the U.S., Europe, West Africa and the Caribbean. She looks forward to and is creating a transformational peaceful multi-dimensional total global experience for all of us.
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