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Your Child Commits a Crime – What Now?

Your Child Commits a Crime – What Now?

     How would any mom feel if her child was the bullier, the rapist, the murderer, the thief, the racist?  An important aspect of mothering is to be in touch with one’s child from early on.  Be in tune with who your child is rather than who you would like her or him to be.  Teach by living example plus be words the qualities of authenticity, love, integrity, contribution, creativity, intelligence, discernment, and more. 

     This means Mom is on a lifelong learning curve.  This benefits both her and her family.  Anyone who feels learning stops at any point is the person who has stopped at that point.  Then what happens?  That person actually can begin to de-volve.  No-thing stays the same in this third-dimension world.  Everything is in constant flux, whether seemintly gently or chaotically.  Plus, this dimension abhors a vacuum.  Sooo, if an apparent vacuum exists, it’s instantaneous, as something will rush in to fill it.  We have to be responsible — with love, balance and presence — for what rushes into our momentary vacuums.

    This massive shooting in Colorado, and the subsequent behavior of the perpetrator has to be giving his mom nightmares.  What mom would refrain from asking: What did I do that I could have done differently?  What did I manage to refrain from seeing or knowing about my child?  What is going on in my child?  Without a mom being consumed with guilt — which furthers usually nothing — she does have to be responsible for herself and her knowledge of her child.  At the same time, once a child is an adult, which astrologically occurs at a person’s first Saturn Return about the age of 28 1/2 to 20, that person has to take up the mantle of his/her own personhood.

     This shooter was 24.  Many may call this an adult, as 21 is when a person gets all their rights and responsibilities.  Come, now!  How many people are truly self-responsible by 21, never mind 18?  The 20s are a time of exploration of what being an adult entails.  Most people, unfortunately, are untaught about how to be personally responsible for their emotions, thoughts, actions, behavior.

     This is NOT a blame of the mom or dad, by the way.  This is an exploration of what a mom may go through when her child commits a horrific, especially unprovoked, crime.

    We all have to be cognizant of one another’s mental states.  We have to develop our internal senses to such a degree of sensitivity that we can more easily sense when someone is “off.”  This is quite different from someone simply being other than who we are, as we all are unique.  When someone has an off-balance internal mechanism, they emit a different kind of energy.  Even psychics can be fooled, so this is an area on which our species has to focus.

     For example, some of the politicians and social movements in this country and the world are truly repressive, yet under the guise of either or religious, stable, or the way-things-are.  No, they are truly out to hurt people.  People, again, we all have to wake up!  Also, sometimes Mom is the one who is asleep, teaching unfortunate values or devalues to her child.  Sometimes it’s the child who teaches the mother.  We all have to be aware of what’s high level and what’s low.

      Know that this is a time of transformation.  Look at the clues in your own life to see where the Universe, your own Inner Compass, is urging you to grow, go, release, let go, move on, complete, open to new, have breakthroughts.  Also, yes, sometimes breakdowns are the doorway to breakthroughs.

     Blessings to ALL in this time of Change!!!!!

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Moms & Separating Church and State

   Who Speaks forGod/dess? Separation of Church and State Plus Individual Freedom

     When I read about an esteemed teacher, Emily Herx, being fired from her post from an Indiana Cartholic school and being called a “grave immoral sinner” because she in vitro fertilization or IVF in order to get pregnant — @ – I felt shocked. True, in this day and age, with so many “religious” people presuming to speak for the Creator of All, as though this person actually knows the MIND of I AM THAT I AM, perhaps I could have been more accepting of this piece of news.  No, I was shocked and dismayed.
     Had the Ms. Herx been a religious teacher at the school, expounding doctrine to the students, maybe, then, yes.  Had she even have been Catholic, and told she must teach the staunch tenets of this religion to the students, perhaps, maybe, yes.  However, she was neither Catholic, nor a teacher of religion, nor apprised by the school of the doctrine or tenets that were to be followed, and, yes, she was honest, authentic and forthright with the people at the school, and she is denounced by the school, maligned, and fired!!!!  The school officials, truly, are the people who are acting in an immoral manner.
     Ms. Herx is to be applauded.  Good for her to take the steps she needed to in order to become a mom.  I wonder how many of the school officials are truly loving, kind, open-hearted people exemplifying what any spiritual person knows is the core of just about any and all spiritual and religious paths.  This can be best explained as:
      Love the Creator with all your heart, all your soul and all your might (by whatever name you call the ALL IN ALL from which we all come and are part)
     Love your neighbor as yourself. (This, of course, presumes that a person loves her or him self, which, sadly, is too often lacking in this world, and is a journey in and of itself).
     What are your thoughts here?
    Where is the separation of church/religion and state?
    Should Catholic schools hire only religious Catholics, grill them in the absolute tenets of Catholic doctrine, and watch over the teachers to be sure these teachers are both teaching, speaking and living every single tenet?
     What is moral and what is judgment?
    How do you know when you are being led by Divine Guidance and when by egoistic wants?
      You can reach me here at this blog that will be incorporated in the soon-to-be-released WordPress site,
       May you be blessed.  May your family be blessed.  May we all be blessed.  May we all grow in consciousness, awareness, connection to the Infinite, and within ourselves.
       Many Blessings!!!!!!!!!!
Mama Heart
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Moms, Be Sure Your Child’s Teacher Is Respectful

Moms, pay attention and know what’s happening in your child’s class. It’s a sad sorrowful situation when school teachers in any way misuse and/or abuse students. Whether it’s the situation in Georgia where a student was strip searched in front of his class (, a teacher insulting any student or what-have-you, this has to stop. Moms, know what is happening in your child’s class, while also allowing your child to be his or her own person.

Just as there are people who ought to have refrained from procreating until they had some idea of how to love and parent, so there are people who need guidance in being teachers.

We are living in a time of both miracles and insanity.

Get involved. Be a volunteer, a class parent, a tutor, or, at the least, go to parent-teachers’ meetings. Visit the school whenever there is an opportunity for parents to be involved. Speak with your son and/or daughter about what is occurring in class, what your child is learning, the kind of language being spoken. Know what is happening.

No parent is ever going to know everything, yet it is incumbent for a parent to be well informed. Teach your child to be aware and vigilant about respect, integrity, honesty. Be that way in your home.

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Blessings and Love,

Mama Heart
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