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Oprah’s The Life You Want & Winning

Have you ever prayed to be shown what to do, what path is for your highest good?  So have I.  People consult me for this.  Sometimes, the answer is as simple as listening to our bodies.  I had a major lesson in this very recently.


When I learned that #Oprah was going on tour with #TheLifeYouWant with her #Trailblazers #Iyanla, #Deepak and other amazing people, I knew I had to be there.  In the midst of a financial restructuring, I questioned how to manage this.


A couple of weeks before #Oprah’s tour came to Miami, an enlightening thought dawned:  Go as press.  With my show, MIRACLE MANIFESTING MONDAYS – live at 8 pm EDT and archived – I qualified.


This realization occurred when the #SeedFoodandWineExpo, came to Miami a few weeks before Oprah.  What a great place to find people for a hand-picked Resource Section to add to one of my new books, VIM VIGOR VITALITY VEGAN!  I called to interview #AlisonBurgos, one of the creators of this new veggie festival.


As a side note, you know I had to laugh at the various ways to say the new “v” word — “vegan,” – seed food, plant-based food, non-animal nutrition, anything but vegetarian.


One evening, I whipped out my Droid and applied as press to attend #TheLifeYouWant.  Waiting a few days, I accepted the opportunity to do readings as a participant with the #MetaphysicalChapelofSouthFlorida at what I was told would be a big Body, Mind, Spirit Conference Fundraiser.  When I was accepted by Oprah’s team, I was ecstatic.


Without thinking, flying high on energy, I called a friend to go with me, as I needed a ride.  I jumped to the conclusion I would be given two press passes, as I usually had been in NYC, when I produced, hosted and sometimes guested on my public access TV show.  In my zeal to be fair, I texted the head of the Meta Chapel, explained the opportunity to be at the Oprah event, and canceled my agreement to work with him on Saturday, something I normally would refrain from doing.


Are you seeing some of the glitches in how I handled this?


Imagine my chagrin when I was informed via email from Oprah’s team that I was granted only one press pass.   What to do?  Here again is where I could have waited a moment, communicated fully both to the head of the Meta Chapel and to the Oprah team.  I communicated, yes, though less than thoroughly.


I listened to my head, rather than my body or my heart.  My friend had already told me she would definitely get me toMiamion Friday.  The main event was Saturday, when I had previously accepted a gig.  It never occurred to me to ask her for a Saturday ride if she were without a pass, as, to me, that would be taking advantage of her.  Later, by the way, she told me she would have done it.


My head said, “Two in the hand is worth one in the bush.”  I re-accepted the Meta Chapel gig.  For a few days, energetically, me, who is usually buoyant, peaceful, energized, felt, instead, conflicted.  I prayed to know what was in my highest good.  I communicated fully to Oprah’s team and to Meta Chapel.  A couple of days later, I was granted two press passes for both days.  What to do?


I asked three friends to tune in for me.  After a day or so, two told me to go to Oprah, as I had loved and respected her for years.  The third told me to go for the finances, that I would not meet Oprah this weekend, and would another time.


At another event, suddenly I get “Do what’s the easiest.”  I stayed with my plans.  In my core, however, I wanted to be with Oprah, Iyanla, Deepak.  This was my essence.  I was elsewhere, instead.


It ended up I was granted THREE passes for Saturday.  I gifted friends with press passes, who had a joyous time. True, I helped a bunch of people at the Body, Mind, Spirit event, kept my word.  Nonetheless, my insides were spinning another tale.


What did I re-learn?  LISTEN TO YOUR INNER CORE.  I teach this.  I thought my prayers were being unanswered.  Afterward I realized I was being answered loudly and clearly via my own body, something I walk, dance, run around, and exercise in.


Yes, I have worked on myself, cut cords, done the forgiveness Ho’oponopono, had realizations, released, nurtured new relationships, evolved, grew, took a few moments as my energy stabilized again. Life continues.


To live the life we want, be attuned and pay attention to our insides.  Whether my choices would be considered correct or incorrect for any reason by anyone else, the bottom line is I, like you, like all of us, have to be true to our essence.  Being true to our core is doing what’s in our highest good.  What is in anyone’s highest good benefits all of us.


By the way, Friday at Oprah’s event was fabulous!  I benefitted immensely from that day alone.  My friend told me I knew this stuff, so it was fine for me to be doing something else Saturday.  Sometimes, whatever you do, you win.  Creating win-win-win is also living the life we want.




MamaHeart Audrye

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Peace as You Protest

  My first protest was in the 1960s.  A PEACE PROTEST to end the Vietnam War.  There we were inWashington,D.C., having been somewhat trained by the organizers to stay peaceful, even in the face of opposition by then-President Nixon.  I was gong to be a Marshall until the organizers discovered I wore contact lenses.


“We have heard there may be tear gas,” they told me.  “This could blind you with contact lenses.”


Instead, I became another peaceful passionate protester, at the end of the column.  Yes, then-President Nixon had soldiers tear gas us, as we LEGALLY and peacefully protested what we felt was an unjust war, fought for reasons other than the ones touted by the media.  Because of how many people protested this detested war, finally, the war ended.


Bring this forward toFerguson and other areas of discord.  YES, PROTEST!!!!  DO IT PEACEFULLY!!!!  Refuse to let “agents provocateurs,” however they may masquerade as holding the same mindset of the organizers, ruin what is a much-needed voice to change a milieu of things, in this case, racism.


Yes, I said it!  It is a true word.  We have many brands of racism in this country, from one coloration to another, from people of a particular coloration among others with similar colorations.  This is why we also need designations as biracial, multi-racial, and the like.  We are a black, brown, beige, red, gold, yellow, white and whatnot color society.


What is it among some white people that has them think they can insult and treat people of any other background, ethnicity or nationality with disdain.  Who are you????  I do not care whether you call yourselves Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Zoroastrian, Yoruba, spiritual, agnostic, or anything else.  WE ARE ALL CONNECTED.


Anyone in a protest, whether about creating racial equality, peace, woman’s rights, gender equality, sexual equality, financial equity, or anything else, be well aware that there almost certainly can be hate-filled, scared, raging people facing you with guns, all of whom have their own issues.  These folks are unlikely to be the most enlightened of people.  Also be aware that in your own group can be people of that same type.  That leads to conflagration.  Then the doubters can say, “I told you so!”  This is the last thing you want.  Be wise in your protesting, even if your heart feels fragmented, broken in pieces.


Do we all have to like every single person who crosses our path or about whom we read?  Absolutely not.  Do I like rapists?  Child molesters?  No.  People who hurt women, throw acid in women’s faces, seek to take away women’s reproductive rights?  No.  What about women who are careless with contraceptives and make babies unthinkingly?  Not especially.  Yet, I treat with them human respect, and seek to learn about them, as well as, absolutely, share with and, if possible, teach them.  How else can any of us learn and get along together?


Mike Brown’s mom and family, my heart goes out to you.  Whatever he may or may not have been doing, he was, to me, murdered.  White cops inFerguson, get a grip!!!!!  Black-brown-beige — and white —  people inFerguson and everywhere, stay centered, and do what has to be done, with intelligence, wisdom, discernment, and passion.  We all have to be smart here.


I remember cities burning in the 1960s from racial violence.  We do NOT need that.  None of us.


Also, there are tons of us of all colorations, backgrounds, religions, spiritual paths, ethnicities who absolutely love one another, who glory in the huge diversity of the human genome, who are amazed and delighted in our uniqueness and commonality.  WE ARE THE MAJORITY.  If not yet in fact, then in Spirit.  WE ARE PREVAILING!!!!!


I give thanks that President Barack Obama, who so many people call our first black president, who I call our first biracial president, is in office now.  How that man  manages to stay calm amidst the rampant racism that greets him from some of the members of Congress and elsewhere is a testament to his centeredness, wisdom, intelligence, heart, enlightenment and more.  Do I agree with all his decision?  No.  So what?  We can all learn from him.


Let us all stand together so we all learn, evolve, understand one another.  It is time for our species to grow up!  Wake up!!!!  We have a planet to save.  We all have to uplift our vibration, emotional IQ, the very frequency at which we vibrate, so that this kind of ignorance is truly a thing of the past.





MamaHeart  MIRACLE



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Honor The Divine Feminine or Goddess in Yourself and Life

Why do so many people consider the Creator of All to be a masculine energy, power, and, in some cases, an outright man? These concepts get taught to so many youngsters and adults in some religious trainings as well as via cultural conditioning. What is the actuality of our Creator?

I pose a question: How could a totally male All in All ever come up with the idea of a female? How could a totally male All in All ever create anything female? A fully male anything only has consciousness, as well, if a man, only Y chromosomes. Females have our fabulous X chromosome, something a totally male-made Creator could never conjure up. We women have different brains, different consciousnesses, than men.

Using the Bible as a paradigm, in the Old Testament, G-D was portrayed as a very patriarchal being, creating wars, punishing, yet also loving. Comes the New Testament, G-D had a personality change, a makeover so to speak, and is portrayed as loving, merciful, forgiving, tender.

I ask you: Which sex on Earth is considered loving, merciful, forgiving, tender? Are these the hallmarks, attributes and qualities used to represent men? Or, do these concepts usually pertain to Women? Yes, women!

Here’s a concept to consider. What if the Deity, the Creator, as portrayed in the New Testament was actually the Divine Feminine, rather than the Father, as so many people have been calling Source? What if the Deity, the Creator, again as portrayed in the New Testament, was actually the Mother energy, rather than the Father energy? Ponder any of this without discounting what shows up in you.

Interestingly, the Old Testament referred to the Age of Aries, while the New Testament is the Age of Pisces. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, Fire, Cardinal and Male, the leader, initiator, courageous and strong, as well as the military might. Pisces is a very spiritual sign, the last sign of the Zodiac, Water, Mutable and Female, willing to do whatever needs to be done, sometimes forgetting to take its own self into account. Giving can turn into self sabotage and martyrdom, then passive aggressiveness. If anyone is getting triggered by my use of astrological paradigm terms, know that the Creator created everything, even the concepts of astrology, which have been used in every religion since ever. We have always looked to the heavens for signs. Who made this if not the Creator? We are allowed to use and know this.

To me, the Creator of ALL is beyond such limitations as male or female, composed of both and more, everything, plus the unknowable. Who needs to open our minds, hearts, thoughts, wisdom, consciousness, awareness? We do. Humans or hu-wo-mans. All of us. We have been living in such patriarchal conditioning for so long that for some of us it may feel impossible to wrap our thoughts around a Mother/Father God/Goddess/Source, while for others of us, we are saying, finally! Some truth here!

We now have our toes in the Age of Aquarius, Male, Air, Fixed. The Goddess Energy/ The Divine Feminine is ascending. It is time for women to lead. This, to me, is what needed to occur in the Age of Pisces, now completing. Instead, we did get the concept of a loving Creator, though still male in language, and the idea of martyrdom as the way to Divine Connection. How about the idea of Love and Contribution, rather than Martyrdom, as our connection to Source? I have been in relationships that had violence, and I can tell you that violence is ineffective, inappropriate, unloving, and less than spiritual.

Now, why do I say and see that women need to be leading the way to enlightenment. By and large, we women are naturally equipped with innate intuition and connection to Source. Most men still go through their minds and intellect first. Spiritual connection is via the heart, intuition, and beyond, embracing the spirit rather than the letter of the law. Spirituality transcends the letter of the law. If we miss the spirit of the law, the essence of being, we miss the core of life.

Honor the Divine Feminine in everything. Celebrate it in yourself! Honor Goddess everywhere! Open to the manifestation of beauty, love, forgiveness, abundance, sharing, cooperation, upliftment of ourselves and one another, nurturing. As well, honor the strength, forward momentum, work, blessings everywhere. Honor the Divine Masculine in all.

We are all both Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. We are Goddess and God incarnate in physical form, made in the image of Creator, meaning we are soul beings intricately connected to the All in All. Allow the Living Light to shine within you! Recognize it in others.

Now is the time.

Want more? Please visit and, and avail yourself of all the gifts, services, products we have for you to evolve, transform, transcend, be joyous. Then pass this on as a legacy to your children and family.

Many blessings to you and all of us. Thank you very much.



What’s New for 2014 for Me and YOU!!!!

Everyone I know talks about being healthy, living their best life, loving themselves and the like.  How many people take both internal and external steps to actualize this?  Do I?  Do you?  Do we?


If you know me, you know that I absolutely take steps, then relax & renew, then take more steps.  Sometimes, I purposefully pull in, regenerate, meditate, enjoy the comfortable chair and Project Run way or something to that effect.


How many people have asked me how I have so much energy?  How do I do that?  I am so willing to share.  I am both an open book about this, I have also written books to show many pathways to incredible wellness on multiple realms:  physical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual, and, now, hallelujah!, financial.  That last had been a challenge for me.  I am a creator, a visionary, a mystic, a manifestor, a channel, often years, according to so many of my clients, ahead of my time.


Here’s what Source has inspired me to bring to you!!!!


2014 Action Successes


  1. Vim Vigor Vitality Vegan!

Releasing as ebook & digital.  When able, I will have this and all my books printed on 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper.  Want to be healthy?  Eat luscious food?  Want beyond what Googling offers?  Order this NOW!!!! Makes a great gift too!!!! Go to  Yes, this is a GoddessHeart Book!  All my books are.


  1. What If? You Are and Life Is – Miraculous!

           Affirmation, ABC, Art (Coloring) Book for children!   Intend March release as ebook & digital.  Same thing with recycled paper as above.  Maybe I’ll post a couple of these so-adorable black-and-white Audrye OmArt: Art That Opens the Heart © works.  All approved by my grandchildren.  Check out for release date or to order in advance.


  1. Mommy Mentoring

         A coaching program for moms by this mom/grammie who is also a mystic intuitive, teacher, counselor, born under the sign of the Cosmic Nurturer, Cancer, in both Western and Vedic astrology.


  1. Achee, 501 C (3) nonprofit organization is ACTIVATED AGAIN!!!!

        Yes, look for the updated by the end of January.  We are certified to do business inFlorida, and I’m looking for new Board Officers, as well as funders.  We are open to appropriate affiliations to create centers and works of peace, culture, women’s (plus children’s and men’s) empowerment, and so much more.  We are looking at possibilities locally as well as inJamaica.  You know that I WILL FULFILL on my promises inGhana and theRepublic ofBenin.  Join us!!!! When we’re ready, we will be having Journeys toJamaica, West Africa, maybe evenNew York!!!!


  1. Affiliate Possibilities

      With or without a vehicle, I am here, open to affiliating with people of personal integrity and talent in many areas, including marketing, design, sales, clerical, administrative.  I have gorgeous art that I love, and if you love gorgeous abstracts, call me at 1.888.757.3223.  Want to help with any of my books in any capacity?  Call me!  Want to join GoddessHeart or Achee?  Call me!!!!  1.888.75 PEACE or 1.888.757.3223!


  1. Videos, Art, Books, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Tango, MORE!!!

          I am learning all this.  If you know it, want to barter, call me, as I have yet to Pin on my Boards because the webinars did not answer my questions.


  1. 7.    The Mother’s Manual, A Spiritual and Practical Guide to Child Rearing and Motherhood, on Kindle & Nook,

           Even one chapter in this masterpiece book can answer scads of your questions.  The Emotional Energizing chapter gives so many processes and exercises that you will always have energy.  You can be anyone, any sex, with or without children, THIS BOOK IS GUARANTEED TO CREATE SHIFTS IN YOU!!!!  Want to know more?  Want FREE Gifts?  Go to  Intentions include having this magnificent book in universities, women’s centers, mom groups, healing centers, everywhere a person, especially women and mothers, choose to congregate and evolve.


  1. Releasing Family Karma/DNA Shift Day, Saturday, Jan 25th, 11 am – 4 pm.  $85.  At door, $125.

           Want to be ecstatic? Be free of the constraints you inherited from your family, culture, media, whatever else?  This is for you!!!! Register at  People age and deteriorate before their time.  Is this you?  Would you like something better?  What are you waiting for???? Register now!!!!


  1. Enagic Kangen ® Water!!!! Beauty! Wellness!  Energy! Youthening!

          You know that beautiful blue bottle I carry everywhere filled with Kangen ® water?  Want to be free of diabetes, cancer, autism, Alzheimer’s, acid reflux, overweight?  This is one of the pathways to that success.  Yes, I am a Distributor, a KANGEN ® DIVA!!!! Call me, and I’ll get you some! 1.888.757.3223.  Check out  See an online demo at  Be pro-active in your own life.  What are you waiting for?  Now is the time!!!


  1. Speaker, Presenter, Teacher, Learner, Sharer for YOU & YOUR GROUP

         I have been having a great time in Toastmasters, Toast of Las Olas, TOLO, and I am so ready to take it on the road.  I will be happy to speak to your group, and energize, inspire, teach, show so many things, including How to Release Past Issues, Connecting to Source, Being Goddess Incarnate, Living the Divine Feminine, Reflecting the God Nature, Having Incredible Relationships, Being an Enlightened Mom with Evolved Kids.  I have been on this Earth a while, and, yes, I have learned a few things, and I’m still learning.  May I teach you?  Would you like to teach me?  Call me at 1.888.757.3223.


  1. Readings, Healings, Past-Life Regressions, Personal and/or Business Coaching

           Yes, the Mystic Intuitive is IN!  I am happily again doing glorious readings and consultations, astrology, past-life regressions, future-life progressions (these are SO amazing, too!!!), energy clearings, and much more.  Everyone benefits from these.  I get readings from other people, who also get readings from me.  Want to know more about me in this capacity?  Check out, and call me to book an appointment at 1.888.757.3223.



            I am open to my Life Mate and living a wonderful life with him.  I am open to having my dream home, 5 BR, 4+ baths, painting studio and gallery where I can also do seminars and host events, 3-5 acres of land where I can grow fruit-food-flowering trees-plants, do vegan and Kangen ® demos, and have a glorious life.  I have been visioning, allowing, calling forth, giving gratitude, being receptive, sharing.  I am open to the wonders and magic of this glorious Universe, and the Source of ALL of which I, you, all of us are part and parcel of.


I am sharing from my heart what’s going on inside of me.  These are some of what I’m planning for in 2014.  I invite you to play with me!!!!


What are your 2014 Intentions????  Call me:  1.888.757.3223.  If you know my cell, call or text me.  Email me at, and I will answer with another email with my name in the Subject line.


What are your 2014 Intentions?  How are you fulfilling them?  Let me know.  This is a magical time.  Participate!!!!


Many blessings to you, me, all of us, in every way!!!!


Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





MamaHeart (being updated with correct data)


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How Does Loving Our Bodies Add Peace to the World?

How many of us are truly at peace with ourselves?

Do you look at your body and absolutely love what you see?


Despite all the work I’ve done on myself, I still have to make peace with my body daily.  Do I look exactly as I would optimally prefer?  Do you?  Ok, how many of us do?  When we have judgments, anger, pain, regret, anything less than love and peace to, with and within ourselves, INCLUDING with our bodies, guess what we bring to ourselves, our lives and the world?  Upset!!!


Everyone I hang out with says she or he wants peace.  We all know where it starts.  It starts with us, each and every one of us.


Here’s the obvious piece to peace.  To have a peaceful world, we each benefit from having peace with ourselves, despite what our bodies may seem to look like.


As most women I have every met, wherever I happened to be, have judgments about some aspect of their/our looks, it’s time to stop this.  We can have preferences.  We can have options.  This is a far cry from having anger, pain, rage, regret, WAR with ourselves and our precious beautiful bodies.


Yes, we must take care of our physical selves, just as we benefit from caring for our minds, emotions, souls.  If we neglect any of this, there’s a missing piece, which adds to a missing peace.


Perfect?  Puh-leeze.  When I think back on how I looked five, 10, 20 years or more ago, and whatever my internal dialog was chattering about at that time, I have compassion for that former me, and sometimes wish I looked as I did then.  When I think about how I may look in five, 10, 20 or blessedly, more years from now, let me tell you how much I’d like to look as I do now!!!!


Ladies, men, all of us, make peace now!  We can make shifts within ourselves, yes, absolutely, and we do so from a place of love.


I know many of you/us know this.  I know it.  Yet and all, how many of us actually live and practice this daily?  How many of us are truly grateful for even having a body?  What parts of your body function?  Say, yes, in gratitude to Divinity, the Universe, the Powers That Be, to yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What needs support in optimal functioning?  Be grateful that you can conceive of the possibility!  Vision it, say YES to it, and be grateful in ADVANCE for the bounty of excellent health!


We are all beautiful in our many different ways.  It’s up to us to maximize what we have.  This is different from sticking all kinds of foreign substances into ourselves that can harm our well-being.  Definitely avoid doing this.   Occasionally, plastic surgery can be helpful.  Not for a hangnail.  Be real.  I had breast reduction when I was 17 because I was so big on top that my bra straps were digging deep grooves in my shoulders and I was slowly becoming round-shouldered.


Here’s a little quiz for you, courtesy of the amazing Tasha Chen, of Mother and Daughter Journeys.


Body Self Quiz


  1. List the body areas with you have issues.
  2. What is your issue or criticism?
  3. Have a dear wise friend who loves and respects you let you know what s/he feels about this aspect of your physicality, including any suggestions this friend may have for you.
  4. Listen well with your heart, mind, soul and ears.
  5. Be open to following your friend’s suggestions, and do so.
  6. Ask yourself: How are my feelings and attitudes adding to the peace of my being?
  7. When anyone is at odds with her/him self or at “self war,” that person is bringing vibrations that are less than love and peace to themselves and the world.
  8. What vibrations are you bringing to the world, whether purposefully or seemingly inadvertently?
  9. Laugh!  Embrace yourself!!!!
  10. Bless and love yourself, including your body!!!


Sometimes, yes, me, too, I can manage to avoid looking at any areas I would prefer to be different.  Then I laugh with myself because I am healthy, well, strong (for my size) and blessed.


Do your version of this!!!!


Happy Holy-Days!!!!!!!!!!  Happy Life!!!!  Happy Love!!!  Happy Light!!!!  Happy Renewal!!!! Be blessed and at peace.







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1.888.757.3223      or      1.888.75 PEACE


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