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Rave Reviews by Trish Carr of The Women’s Prosperity Network

Audrye Arbeis what I refer to as a MYSTIQUE.  There is a certain aura about her that radiates when you are in her presence.  She has the body and face of eternal youth — a walking testimony to her healthy and spiritual lifestyle.  She is able to command a room with the uncanny mix of peaceful explosive energy. And, I have witnessed her healing powers, leaving the recipient transformed from the energy exchange. All of these qualities add to AudryeAudrye Arbe‘s ‘mystiqueness.’  I often joke with her and say I believe she transports herself physically just by sheer will.  That’s the true essence ofAudrye Arbe….believing and be living.

“As the owner of MUSIC ART LOVE, an art and music gallery, I was fortunate enough to carryAudrye Arbe‘s work.  The colorful, free flowing brushwork that transformed energy onto canvas graced my walls.  It was always a pleasure telling visitors about her ‘OmArt’ and the spiritual process that went into each piece of art.  In doing so, I felt each person was affected by her spirit.

“I recommend everyone to experience the ‘mystique of Audrye‘ whether through her art, her book, or her consultations.  You truly will feel enlightened.”

Christine Alexander
- Christine Alexander

Owner, Curator, Music Art Love Gallery, Dania Beach, FL
Creator, Zen Faire Sundays, Wallflower Gallery, Miami, FL
Artist, and, Mom


Audrye Arbe has done an amazing job of creating a book that is long overdue. At last we have a manual for parenthood with all the wisdom and guidance every parent needs presented in a most loving way.  I have had the pleasure of getting to know Audryepersonally and in having her participate in my Living Foods Healthy Lifestyle Course.  She is genuinely coming from her heart and she has an incredible amount of knowledge to share.

     “I applaudAudrye Arbefor all of the holistic and spiritual practices she shares with parents and especially for her including the wonderful and most beneficial information on organic vegan raw and living food recipes, which is a much needed boost to the health and well-being of both children and their parents. Audrye Arbe’s enormous amount of valuable information, her humor and her inspiring soul-created art are just the special touches that help set this book apart from any other parenting guide.

     “Bringing more peace, compassion and love to the family is so needed at this exact time in history andAudrye Arbe’s book tells you how and inspires you on your journey.

     “There is nothing more sacred than raising a child with a loving heart.  Thank youAudrye Arbefor this long-awaited book, that is sure to be a best seller, to help transform the joy of parenting to its most spiritual place. You and your book are a special gift to us all.”

Brenda Cobb
Brenda Cobb
Author of The Living Foods Lifestyle ®;
founder of The Living Foods Institute;
on DVD “Healing Cancer From Inside Out,”
and, definitely, Mom


The Mother's Manualis both a pleasure to read and immensely useful to all human beings — young and old.  Audrye Arbe‘s book offers a refreshingly lucid understanding of spiritual perspective that is needed today to reawaken a graceful ushering of our young into their Earth adventure.   Arbe has her finger on the pulse of current evolution in child rearing — and her words bristle with humor and illustrative, insightful observations.         “A ground-breaking book about accessing the inner knowing that we all possess but often don’t consult. An engaging, authoritative manual for nurturing new beings into their roles on this challenging planet, expect a groundswell of popular demand for the wisdom in this book!

     “You have a winner here!

Keith Varnum
- Keith Varnum
Author, Living the Dream
It’s Time and Inner Coach Outer Power,
workshops, coaching, free ezine


     “Audrye Arbehas given birth to a masterpiece that will guide, teach and inspire mothers around the world to the true essence of being a Mother.  Every woman needs to read this book, so we can raise our children to transform humanity for the better.  A true treasure map to motherhood for those who really care about our future.”

- Gayelle Felix, RN, LMT
Holistic Practitioner, and,
most important, Mom,
Tamarac, FL

     “Audrye Arbehas created a handbook for Motherhood that is long overdue.  She takes a spiritual and realistic view and shares great insights into keeping your sanity while nurturing a human being to their greatness.  A must read for any woman who has or is considering having children !”

Trish Carr
- Trish Carr
Real Estate Investor;
Certified Trainer and Consultant to Investors,
Legal Professionals, Fortune 500 Companies and Individuals;
Vice President, Women’s Prosperity Network


The Mother's Manual
is a must read for every woman who is considering motherhood or is a mother.  This book was birthed with the objective to assist women on the wonderful journey of parenting. Audrye Arbe‘s beautiful spiritual essence is present in every word and every art included in this book.  Filled with spiritual insights, humor and techniques, The Mother’s Manualwill show you the way to be present and centered in yourself so you can be a much more loving and nurturing parent.”

- Gianina Ferrari
 Reiki Master, kinesiologist,
healer, Co-Founder/President,
She Ventures Out, LLC


The Mother's ManualIs a profound and practical book that gives young women and mothers a sound foundation in which to raise their children.”

Ron Seaborn
- Ron Seaborn
Author, The Children’s Health Food Book
and  The Problem With Women Is Men

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