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The Protective Prayer

“The Protective Prayer” is wonderful to do before you do any spiritual-emotional-shifting-shamanic-psychological-interdimensional-energy-consciousness-physical-mental work (worship) on yourself to align yourself with Higher Self and Will, to be in Light, Love and Protection for you and everyone else for the Highest Good of All. Do it to get present.

  • Breathe in Light and Love. Lift your energies, getting higher, lighter, freer energetically.
  • Say to the Creator, Creation, your Sself, All That Is:

“I am about to do a release and reintegration clearing, cleansing, regeneration to fully align myself with Divine Light, Love and Source (Your Words for God/dess).

“Whatever I may say, communicate, express, whatever it may sound like, look like, feel like, or appear to be, whether I say it with my mouth or mind, is to be taken into the Universe as Divine Light and Love.

“Anyone I may mention or allude to in any way, consciously or unconsciously, intentionally or unintentionally, including my Sself (human and Higher Selves), is to be protected in Divine Light and Love.

“Any spaces, places, vibrations and frequencies made available in me or anyone else as a result of this process or anything else I do at this time are to be filled with Divine Light and Love. If anyone else chooses to be filled with Divine Love, so be it.

“This I do for my highest good, the highest good of all concerned, and the highest good of the Universe with free will and free choice for all concerned.

“Amen. Achee. Aho. Aloha.”

  • Do this regularly, even as a daily practice. Use Intention and Heart (Love). Allow it.
  • This is for you to do privately. When speaking or interacting with another be-ing, please maintain the awareness, consciousness, language and behavior that there is another person present (yes, even if that seemingly other person is simply another aspect of your Sself, in another body and skin). Enjoy this. Lots of Love to YOU and All of US!!!

Many Blessings!!!

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Protective Prayer

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